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Mississippi Valley DX/Contest Club (MVDX/CC)
Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes - March 8, 2018

The March 2018 MVDX/CC meeting was called to order by President Udo - NIØG at 7:00 pm.

The following members and guests were present: AAØZ, ADØTR, KØARY, KØHHB, KØJPL,
and WOØC. New members ADØTR and KDØBXU were acknowledged, and we welcome them
to the club.

Treasurer’s Report: Bill - WAØBSW reported a balance of $2300 in the club treasury, not
including dues that were being collected at the meeting.

Secretary’s Report: Eric - WØTT announced that the minutes of the February meeting are
now posted under “Correspondence” on the club website.

Vice President’s Report: Chuck - NIØC announced the following schedule for future club
meeting presentations:
o April: KØJPL - presentation on MMTTY
o May: K2VV - presentation on Magnet wire/insulation.
o July: KK9N - presentation on his DXpedition to PJ7, St. Maarten.
o August: NIØC - presentation on his QRP Operation in KH6
o September: KK9N - presentation on N1MM Logger Plus

Chuck mentioned that we have a gap in our presentation schedule in June, and that we are
always seeking quality presentations for club meetings.

QSL Bureau Report: John - K2VV reported that he received about 2000 QSL cards from
worldwide countries, and then a separate mailing of 2500 cards from S5, Slovenia. Some of
the S5 QSOs date back to the 90’s.

Health and Welfare: WØTT read an E-mail from the family, that Rich - KØGSV is
relocating to a Nursing Home due to declining memory and Alzheimer’s.
Club member Dirk - WØRI reported by E-mail that Silent Key notice for his father (Price -
WØRI) has now been posted in QST. Dirk’s previous call was K9DFS, and he has now
been re-issued Price’s call - WØRI.

WAØJCO announced that area Ham, Billy - WØWFH passed away last week. Billy’s
previous call was WAØKBZ. He was not a club member, but a friend of many in our club.

Birthday Report: Tom - KØHHB announced the following club members with March
birthdays: NØAX - Mar 20, WØHMS - Mar 22, KØAYF - Mar 26, NØJYU - Mar 28.
Tom also announced that he will need to order additional birthday cards for direct mailings.

DXpedition Support: Committee Chair, Don - WØVM announced that the committee
supports a request for funding from the ongoing 3C3W/3CØW DXpedition to Equatorial
Guinea, and later Annobon, and is recommending a contribution of $100 or $200.
Discussion ensued, and a motion was made, seconded and carried to support the DXpedition
at the $200 level. Treasurer WAØBSW will send them a check.

It was also announced that the aborted 3YØZ DXpedition is now joining forces with the
upcoming 3YØI DXpedition to Bouvet. WØVM pointed out that our club has already
supported the 3YØZ effort at the $500 level.

DX Presentation: John - K2VV gave a short presentation on the ES100 Special event to
celebrate Estonia’s Centennial. John has personally been chasing ES100 stations and is now
2 points short of the gold level award.

John also discussed the history of Rhodes, the largest island and historical capitol of the
Dodecanese Islands - SV5 prefix. John traced their history and geo-political affiliation from
medieval times until the present. And that Rhodes/Dodecanese only became part of Greece

WØTT announced that the 2018 Missouri QSO Party will be held on 7-8 April. Several club
members stated that they have been assigned Special Event 1x1 calls to use in the QSO
Party. It was suggested that each of the 1x1 callsign holders notify ABØRX of their intent to
operate, so that George can post the information on the 2018 MO QSO webpage.
There were some late scoring revisions in the 2017 MO QSO party, but final results are now
completed and posted on the website at:
moqp/moqp-history/moqp-2017-history/59-missouri-qso-party-2017-results. Award plaques
and certificates are now in-work and will be distributed shortly.

Old Business: - none offered

New Business: - none offered

NEXT MEETING: 12 April 2018

Eric - WØTT gave a presentation on his travels to Japan and Southeast Asia, including visits to
the QTHs of two Ham stations in Okinawa and one in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 pm.
V/R, Eric Zust - WØTT, Club Secretary