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Last update on September 18, 2017

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Description & $$$
Contact N9ES@arrl.net or (314) 605-2789.

For Sale:  Alpha 374A amplifier. New face plate, clean inside and out. Two-tube (8874’s) version, no modifications.  Output 1000+watts. Wired for 230VAC.  Serial number 7075, mid-1979 production.

$1000 or offer / interesting trades.  Thanks! 

Contact Merle, W0EWM at w0ewm@arrl.net For Sale: I have an Orion 565 Transceiver, in perfect condition, with full filters
for sale for $1500.

Contact Ed, K0KL at

My pal Jerry, WB0YDQ has a Henry 3K Premier for sale, good condition, full output
asking $1,500.
Please contact: Matt W0XEU (314) 605-2789 or w0xeu@arrl.net

Wanted, Dead or Alive

Heathkit SB-104(a) and accessories.

Let me know what you have, how much you want. It will be a ‘project’ radio, so I am *not* looking for a ‘collector quality’ rig! Thanks!

Please Contact: Harry, WØHMS

Phone 314-703-4939 or 314-894-2136

AL-811H Ameritron Amplifier Asking $700

I am looking for a control head mounting bracket for the Icom 208H vhf uhf trasceiver part No. MB-58
If interested in any item, please contact:
Udo Heinze, NI0G
(314) 805-5195

The following Equipment is from the Estate of Mike, KQOB

RC 2800 PX controller (no rotor) $300


  • Ten-Tec Orion II, Serial 02C10936 with 1.8K, 600 & 300 htz filters
    & 708A Desk Mike (incl box) (note A) $2,000

Note A – These items for PICK-UP ONLY.

Contact Dennis. AA0A at 314-351-3568 For Sale: Five band Cubix Quad---$300 and you take it down off 45-foot tower. I have a gin pole.
Contact: Ron, K4SX at k4sx@centurytel.net

For Sale:
• Rohn 25G tower 7 sections
• Rohn 25G tilt-base
• Rohn 25G Guy Brackets quantity 2
• Rohn 25G flat top for mounting the thrust bearing
• Alpha 78, has the 800 tube conversion done by Dick Byrd and operates the WARC bands also done by Dick. The amplifier is a high serial number and is in perfect condition. I have the box and manual.
• Alpha 9500, like new condition, less than 10 hours operation. I have the original box and manual.

Contact: Bruce, K0ARY
Wanted: I'd like to buy a few old crystals from the '50s for my Heathkit AT-1. Frequency 3.510 - 3.520 MHz.
Contact: George at w2agr@msn.com Farmington, MO 573-915-5915 Needed: Want to buy a HY Gain black plastic style rotor controller . DOES NOT NEED TO BE IN WORKING CONDITION!!!! I need the cabinet and meter assembly.
Contact: KE5AWX Tom
Email: bree525@hotmail.com
Need: I am looking for a deal on a used but functioning dual band (2m/70cm) amp for my Yaesu VX3R radio.
Contact Udo, NI0G at (314) 805-5195.

For Sale:

Nye Viking MB-IV-A 3KW Antenna Tuner. $325

Contact, Harry WØHMS email hjsteger@earthlink.net or Phone 314 894 2136 For Sale

I have some ham gear for sale:

  • Ameritron AL811H asking $700.00
Contact Bob, KC0BDB


For Sale

Icom IC-2200H 2M radio with a 5/8 wave antenna and mag-mount for sale. It has the car mount unused, DTMF mic, power cables for auto, and manuals. I can sell them for $150. I also have a Pyramid PS-26KX 25 Watt power supply for $50.

I used them for a base

Updated March 6, 2011



For Sale

I am looking to purchase an HF Quad Antenna. Please contact K4SX via Email.


Updated October 27, 2010

Kevin Hawkins, KD0CIU


For Sale - Priced Indivudually

I have a Hy-Gain TH7 Thunderbird tri-band antenna for sale for $450.
I am located in Neosho, MO just south of Joplin and I will be happy to meet someone halfway to help orchestrate the deal. My cell is 417-389-6106 if you have any questions. I have the manuals on both pieces of gear.

Updated September 28, 2010

Butch, W0VQ

Phone 573 729-6683

For Sale - Priced Indivudually
  • 1 each MFJ 3kv tuner, $275
  • 1 each 48 foot tower with all nuts, bolts and anchors, $1000 tower is on site, never erected

Equipment must be picked up at the QTH of
Butch, W0VQ
15424 South Highway 19
Salem, MO  65560-5509
Phone 573 729-6683


(636) 584-8888
FOR SALE - $2,200.00
Complete Icom HF Station, including:
  • Icom IC-751A with 500 Hz CW filter
  • desk mic
  • matching SP-3 Icom speaker
  • Icom AT-500 Auto Tuner (500 watts)
  • Icom IC-2KL amplifier (500 watts) with the 10/12 meter modification installed
  • Icom PS-55 power supply.

This station is on the air at this time. Original boxes for all items except the power supply. Manuals and accessory cables included.

On the air demo available at WØFF’s QTH. The IC-2KL amplifier is not currently set up for transmission.

Posted July 17, 2009